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Once Upon a Time

In the summer of 2020

what most people called the Lockdown in the two cities across the country two Dastardly men were solemnly sworn to be up to no good. They plotted together to create a brand of products so amazing that all the lands would be under theirs. And thus their adventure of conquest has begun. They must make all those who exist, kneel before the power that they wield.

We’re kidding about that ( mostly anyways ). So if you’ve tumbled your way down the interests rabbit hole, Hi! This is the home of the growing catalog of specially curated products across our lovely country. This is Effin lifestyle

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In the era of the virtual store, creative and innovative new products seem to get lost, due to their makers humble beginning. However, not every piece of coal can be a diamond. This is why Effin Lifestyle strives to curate these hidden gems, handmade and specially crafted for you.

We also help these creators have a global audience and create an impetus for more variety and uniqueness amongst ambitious creators.

This is also why we are vested in creating environmentally responsible products. We have started out with essential oil goods, tested for their safety, and also handmade, cured for over a month to make sure that we can give you the safest and highest quality product we can.


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Get Effd’ Up!

Finding an eloquent way to say “Here we are” begot a simple question that you might ask. Who are you? And where did you come from? And what are you doing here? Now if you didn’t think of these questions, well that’s what this is for! Effin Lifestyle wants to