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Once Upon a Time

In the summer of 2020

what most people called the Lockdown in the two cities across the country two Dastardly men were solemnly sworn to be up to no good. They plotted together to create a brand of products so amazing that all the lands would be under theirs. And thus their adventure of conquest has begun. They must make all those who exist, kneel before the power that they wield.

We’re kidding about that ( mostly anyways ). So if you’ve tumbled your way down the interests rabbit hole, Hi! This is the home of the growing catalog of specially curated products across our lovely country. This is Effin lifestyle

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The Effin Model

In the era of the virtual store, creative and innovative new products seem to get lost, due to their makers humble beginning. However, not every piece of coal can be a diamond. This is why Effin Lifestyle strives to curate these hidden gems, handmade and specially crafted for you.

We also help these creators have a global audience and create an impetus for more variety and uniqueness amongst ambitious creators.

This is also why we are vested in creating environmentally responsible products. We have started out with essential oil goods, tested for their safety, and also handmade, cured for over a month to make sure that we can give you the safest and highest quality product we can.


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Smelly Things: Why Men Sweat So Much?

Let's face it. We all stink. It's time to change that.

Historically it is well documented that odour is a potent sense for all living beings. We use it for a range of experiences; from knowing if a food has gone stale to mate selection in most mammals. 

Everyone has been telling you your body odour is quite off-putting, and men tend to experience it more often than women. So let's break down why do we men tend to smell worse and why it's detrimental to your life overall.

Why You Should Use Activated Charcoal For Your Skin

The last decade has seen the rise of activated charcoal-infused products ranging from croissants to skincare products; and though many of its uses have been proven as redundant, its applications in medicine and skincare have proven to be undeniable. Today we are going to look at why it is a

Top Benefits and Home Remedies of Raktha Chandan

Let’s shed some light on one of the biggest secrets to Effin’s magic. It’s Hero Ingredients. Today we will take a closer look at Raktha Chandan or Red Sandalwood, the hero ingredient of Effin Lifestyle’s Natural Raktha Chandana Soap. This wonderful ingredient has been selected for its phenomenal properties that have